UI/UX designer with a penchant for coding

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Design & UX

Cambridge, UK

Oct 2nd 2018

We are looking for an experienced UI/UX practitioner to help us scope and design our next generation contract drafting platform. This role would be primarily to design interfaces for product features that enable lawyers to draft contracts faster

Essentially the perfect candidate is someone who can take a concept and turn it into a functional and beautiful working mock up, using consultation with customers, consideration of the broad vision, and artistic license to achieve the goal.

This role is perfect for someone who has a technical streak - the applicant will use QML (which is based on JavaScript) to build an interactive interface. The finished mockup will be tested with customers, and if fitting, will go to the developers who will put the real backend behind it and it will make its way into our main product, Prose (tryprose.com).

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