Stoke-on-Trent, UK

Jul 12th 2018

As a Technical Documentation Writer, you will work closely with our global team to create and maintain content that enables our users to do amazing things with Radix. You will work with product managers, developers, quality engineers, developer advocates, technical support, and marketing to create content that not only provides useful information but also serves to enhance the overall user experience.

Your main responsibilities are:

  • Interview project team members, subject matter experts, customers, and product support to determine required technical and user information.
  • From planning to delivery, you will work with stakeholders to plan and document new features/APIs. You will be responsible for creating appropriate content in the form of concepts and architecture guides, developer guides, code samples, language references, API references, and other online material such as training videos.
  • Translate technical and complex concepts into concise and comprehensive instructions and explanations.
  • Create graphics and diagrams that help novice and expert users understand complex technical concepts.
  • Review and edit documents written by other staff and work with non-writers on ways to improve their writing skills and contributions to documentation.
  • Work independently with minimal supervision.
  • Implementation, consistent delivery, and on-going improvement of live and virtual training programs.
  • Work closely with the support and implementation teams to identify areas of improvement in product training and documentation.
  • Research and write documentation that is technically accurate, consistent, appropriate for the audience, and consistent with our writing style.
  • Create product style sheets and style guides to ensure consistency between multiple authors and products.
  • Make customer-requested changes/edits to existing documentation, as appropriate.

Prior experience with startups and working with agile, cross-functional teams is a plus. In-depth knowledge about DLT or blockchain technology is not required, but candidates should generally be interested in the technologies poised to transform the way we live and be open to learning deeply about blockchain topics.

Must have:

  • A minimum of 3 years of technical writing experience on enterprise infrastructure software technologies, preferably with a database or data management software development focus.
  • Experience with multimedia with a proven ability to translate complex software processes into an easy to understand multimedia format such as infographics or short videos.
  • Able to read/write/execute basic sample code written in one or more of the following programming languages: Java, Javascript, Python.
  • General knowledge of SEO and marketing analytics best practices.
  • Have done and like to do demonstrably hard things
  • Opinions on what technologies and standards we should use now and in the future, we always want to hear new ideas.
  • Interest in DLT/Blockchain Technologies.


  • Working knowledge of HTML or JavaScript.
  • Knowledge of DLT/blockchain technology such as decentralization and cryptographic protocols.
  • Knowledge and experience with a relational/NoSQL database
  • Knowledge of git, branching, continuous integration and modern development pipelines.
  • Strong visual and aesthetic sense.
  • Great interpersonal skills and a willingness to go above and beyond when collaborating with the rest of the team.
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