Customer Support

Jun 29th 2018

**The position**We're looking for someone to join our support team from the Asia Pacific side of the world. You'll be providing additional coverage for our global customer base. Amazing customer service is one of the most crucial aspects of our business, so you will be absolutely key in helping us keep new and existing customers happy.**Your work week will be Sunday to Thursday in your home time zone.** If you have questions about this, just let us know. (We have a pretty generous vacation policy, so you will have time off as well.)**What your day-to-day work will look like*** Replying to help requests and inquiries via email (we use a customer support system) and occasionally from social media platforms.* Helping to keep our Support Centre (internal and external documentation) up to date.* Improving our system and interfaces by reporting issues and sharing feedback with the design and development teams.* Working with the team on improving our overall customer experience by giving and passing along feedback, sharing your ideas, troubleshooting, etc.**Profile of our ideal applicant**You absolutely have to have plus plus English language writing skills. You'll be writing a lot, and English is our business communication language. (If you happen to speak/write another language, it would certainly be a bonus.) Quite a few of our customers don't speak English as a first language, so clear communication is really important.You must like people (like, actually like them). No matter how frustrated the customer, you need to be able to understand their perspective and keep working with them to get the problem solved without losing your cool. (It's the internet, folks aren't always polite…)Curiosity. You don't have to be the world's foremost domains expert to work here, but a little curiosity will go a long way in learning the systems and processes and solving problems.You need to be able to work without supervision. This is key. We are a remote team, and while you will have someone on hand for training, questions, etc. initially, there will be times when you're on your own. We have tonnes of very thorough documentation and escalation channels for bigger issues, but you need to exercise your agency and not always wait for someone to tell you what to do. (In general you will overlap with others in your own and other timezones, so no one gets too lonely.)**If you really want to razzle dazzle us, tell us about your:*** Knowledge of domains, DNS, and internet plumbing-related topics* Previous experience in customer service/support* Previous experience in the startup space* Experience with Desk.com or similar customer support software* Appreciation of pop culture-centric gifs.
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