Sr. Scala Developer; User-Configurable Enterprise Workflow Platform

Primotus Division of CargoTel via Stack Overflow

Aug 1st 2018


Primotus' platform uses many new big-data tools such as functional Scala, Akka actors, Kafka streaming messaging, and ElasticSearch for user-persistence layer.  Our frontend is based on Angular using typescript and javascript. The goal is to develop an entirely configurable platform that allows a myriad of business verticals to configure entire systems with little to no custom development. And to deploy them in the cloud. 

Illustrative modules include: drag-and-drop database, form builder, entitlements, workflow processes, mobile applications, business decisions, messaging, reporting and data visualization and even mapping - 

We're looking for an experienced Scala backend developer who enjoys functional programming and the challenge of building something highly configurable and innovative. 

Our Stack : Includes many of the most-desired technologies, including:

  • Scala/Akka, Play Framework, Slick
  • Kafka (event-based processing)
  • Postgres, ElasticSearch
  • Web Sockets
  • BPMN (Java), DMN (Java)


  • Angular, TypeScript, React, Ionic Mobile, Redux, PouchDB (mobile data store)
  • CSS3, Bootstrap
  • Protractor, Selenium (Unit, end-to-end, API and performance testing tools)


  • Jenkins 
  • GIT, GitHub
  • AWS

Our development team:

  • Is small and growing with 10 members, so you'll be a significant contributor. 
  • Is comprised of frontend and backend teams
  • Separates code into distinct modules and services
  • Uses JSON API for backend/frontend integration
  • Applies Agile programming and paired development methodology in 3-week sprints
  • Works in a virtual, paired-development environment

You'd be working on some of the following initiatives:

  • Developing streaming business messaging system.  
  • Incorporating Web Sockets throughout platform. 
  • Creating data visualization plugin
  • Constructing/ingesting JSON RestfulAPIs
  • Working with team making key architecture and stack decisions

You're expected to have:

- 2+ years functional Scala development
- Experience creating REST endpoints with Play framework 
- Test experience with libraries such as ScalaTest, ScalaCheck
- Familiarity with asynchronous programming techniques using Scala Futures, fs2
- Knowledge of using purely functional libraries like scalaz/cats, circe 
- Designing, ingesting quality JSON RESTful services and payloads
- GIT source control experience
- Willingness to share knowledge and mentor team members

Nice to have some of the following:

- Kafka or similar messaging platform
- ElasticSearch or Solr (Lucerne) 
- EDI including Camel or Mule enterprise integration 
- Postgres 
- BPM (Business Process Management) Activiti, Camunda, JBPM
- Decision Management Notation (DMN or Business Rules)
- BI visualization tools 
- Mobile application development (native or hybrid)
- Business Resource Planning or Machine Learning 

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