Sr. Mobile/PWA Developer (Angular): Enterprise Workflow Platform

Primotus Division of CargoTel via Stack Overflow

Washington, DC

Aug 1st 2018


Primotus is an Enterprise scale, user-configurable mobile workflow platform, which allows users to design an entire system - including drag-and-drop database, forms, entitlements, processes, mobile applications, business decisions, messages, reports, and even maps - with little to no software development. The platform is flexible enough to be deployed for a myriad of business verticals.
Our mobile platform employs an Ionic Framework hybrid approach since entire application can be configured by users. Deployed version is in Angular 1.6 and we're migrating to Angular 6 (Ionic 3). It's a complex application with off-line, web sockets and data syncing capabilities. 

We're looking for an experienced frontend mobile developer having strong UI and architectural skills associated with data-driven applications along with Angular 1.x, Angular 2+, and ideally Ionic experience.   

If you think you're a good fit and are interested in building something highly configurable and really innovative, please shoot us an email.

You'd be working on some of the following initiatives: 

  • Migrating from Angular 1x to Angular 6 
  • Deploying new Web Sockets architecture
  • Creating pricing, scanning, beacon modules
  • Building Mobile data visualizations
  • Developing an Enterprise chat application
  • Developing/ingesting JSON RestfulAPIs
  • Working with team making key architecture and stack decisions
  • Coordinating with QA

You're Expected To Have:

- 5+ years of modern JavaScript (JS)
- 1+ years Angular 2+ production development
- 1+ years Angular 1 production development
- 2+ years production mobile application development
- Production experience with TypeScript
- UI/UX and architecture skills
- JSON, REST and Web Services
- WebSockets
- Protractor Karma Jasmine or other testing tools
- Willingness to share knowledge and mentor team members

Nice To Have Some of the Following:

- Experience Ionic Framework; both 1 and 3. 
- Offline storage
- Mobile BI visualization tools 
- Exposure with our backend platform consisting of Scala, Akka, Kafka, ElasticSearch
- Workflow applications, particularly BPM (Activiti, Camunda, JBPM, etc). 

Our Stack : Includes many of the most-desired technologies, including:


  • Angular 1x, Angular 6, TypeScript, Ionic Mobile
  • Cordova
  • React, Redux
  • Web Sockets
  • Protractor, Selenium (Unit, end-to-end, performance testing tools)


  • BPMN (Java), DMN (Java)
  • Scala/Akka, Play Framework, Slick
  • Kafka (event-based processing)
  • Postgres, ElasticSearch
  • Restful API (GraphQL)


  • Jenkins 
  • Webpack
  • GIT, GitHub
  • AWS

Our development team:

  • Is small and growing with 10 members, so you'll have a significant impact. 
  • Is divided into frontend and backend teams
  • Separates code into distinct modules and services
  • Uses JSON API for backend/frontend integration
  • Applies Agile programming and paired development methodology in 2-week sprints
  • Works in a virtual environment
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