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Jul 12th 2018

On being a Software Engineer at is a very process-oriented company. We are committed to quality and efficiency, and we believe there is an enormous room for improvement in how companies currently build software. We're looking for an engineer brave enough to think outside the box, challenge conventional approaches, be a multiplier for the team, and re-imagine how resineers write and deploy code.


  • Actively invest back in our own technology, libraries, and frameworks
  • Understand security best practices and strive to apply them in your work
  • Be highly motivated to produce great code
  • Evaluate customer requirements and other inputs to determine the scope and timing of new functionality
  • Contribute to internal tooling that allows us to streamline development operations and ship better code faster
  • Evangelize software engineering practices and tooling to multiply the productivity of the team and the quality of the code we produce
  • Understand how the process of building software and distributed systems, and work hard to optimize it
  • Understand the intersection of software and people, and how good software principles can have direct impact on the business


Need to have:

  • Desire to make yourself and others more effective. You'd be bothered by an inefficient process
  • Good understanding of software engineering practices and how to apply them
  • Excellent written communication skills, and fluency in English
  • Self-discipline to take on a project and push it to completion without too much management. You also know when to ask for help
  • In-depth knowledge in testing, at every level
  • Experience with automation tools such as CI services, linters, and static analyzers
  • Experience with diverse software development methodologies
  • Good understanding of the pitfalls of building and delivering software projects

Nice to have:

  • A sample of your work (URL or attached sample)
  • Contributions to OSS projects (please include a URL)
  • Having worked remotely before
  • Experience with as a user
  • Experience with embedded GNU/Linux, anything ranging from personal projects with a Raspberry Pi to commercial or industrial scenarios with custom devices
  • Experience with Node.js and Docker
  • Experience in the IoT or embedded development industry

Make sure to let us know if any of these items apply to you!

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