Senior Python Developer

VersaFeed via GitHub

Sep 6th 2018

Job Title

  • Senior Python Developer

Job Description

  • Create and maintain Python, Django, Postgres, HTML/JavaScript software stack that executes in an AWS Linux environment. You will have many opportunities to work on new features and put your own mark on our niche advertising technology system.
  • We are looking for experienced developers who are not afraid to get down and dirty with large volumes of code.

Job Skills (from most wanted to "would be nice"):

  • Python (required, with proven track record)
  • Linux/U*ix (required, at least basic admin and shell skills)
  • Django (at least some usage/familiarity)
  • AWS (would be extremely helpful)
  • SQL/Postgres/SQLite
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript/jQuery


  • Self-starter.
  • Have the ability to read lots of Python code and understand what system is doing.
  • This is a small team. We're here to help but you will need to be able to dig through code and learn on your own.
  • Most employees work from home, be sure that you can be productive in that environment.
  • Track record of serious software development
  • Bachelors in comp sci, comp engineering, or if not, extensive coding experience


  • No Agencies Please
  • We are looking for a long term candidate.

About the Company

  • VersaFeed parses massive inventory product feeds from many of the world's largest merchants. We use Python to ingest product info from CSV/XML/API/DB/web-crawling then we clean, optimize, and finally sync the data out to sites like Google, Facebook, Bing, and may other platforms.
  • We are very stable company with a solid track record and 13 year history. You can see a sampling of our current clients here:


  • Work from home if desired
  • High compensation packages including health care, 401k, stock options, etc.
  • Not a daily grind kind-of-job.
  • Small dedicated team, no VC money,
  • Almost all staff is engineering/comp-sci

Please include salary requirements and up to date resume. Thank you for your consideration.

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