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Senior Go/Golang Backend developer in Europe remote or Paris office for Cycloid - Your DevOps...

Cycloid - Your DevOps platform via We Work Remotely
System Administration

Mar 1st 2019

Headquarters: Paris

We are looking for a software engineer, passionate, (it's the most important) with several years of experience crafting software (it is better) but if you feel that you have the potential, don't hesitate, and with:
- broad experience in back-end development, HTTP and APIs
- preferably, some experience with Go, knowledge of distributed systems and simplicity, familiar with the UNIX philosophy, database such as MySQL, swagger ...
- A big + would be that you understand or you have worked as a DevOps as we build a DevOps platform.
What is also important is that we are looking for more than just a developer. We are looking for a person who can build with us new features, can bring some new ideas to what could be a great DevOps platform to build a bridge between Dev & Ops & tools.
We work on empowering people so we don't have a full-time product manager due to our culture.
You are of course a team player and know how to work in remote even if you can work at Cycloid office in Paris if you live in IDF. You can decide to work on remote or co-working place if you are located in Europe, we only hire people located in Europe to avoid timezone issue and we don't accept relocation. All the organisation are in an asynchronous manner. We don't use emails, only Github, Slack, Trello and Hangout.
You have excellent written and oral communication skills in English, another language would be a plus.
The salary will depend on your skills and your location. We are fully transparent internally on this topic.
Cycloid is committed to having equality between women and men. In that way, we strongly encourage women's application.
Interested in knowing more and the advantages we offer, please feel free contact us at and send us your open code / github link if you have it.

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