Senior Frontend (HTML/CSS) Engineer

Prezly via Stack Overflow

Sep 5th 2018

Disclaimer: We're a one person HR team (small scale-up), please note that we're doing our best to reply/handle all your applications. To maximise your chances please read this medium post before you apply. For more information about the process there is another post called 'You are not fit to be my boss'.

We're looking for a Senior Frontend (HTML/CSS/JS) Engineer. Together we'll create products and services that help inspiring brands share their stories with the world. Examples are or

You will need to be able to work independently and remote. That being said we already have a functioning remote team in place and the right tools to make you an essential part of the team:

- The right tools: Slack, Google docs,, ... 
- Visit our HQ in Belgium, Europe at least once every quarter.

More information at

What you'll be doing:

- Tune our newsrooms/improve the CSS
- Improve page rendering speed
- Build full, high-quality features quickly 
- Write reusable, modern and DRY front-end code in javascript + react 
- Write clean, performant and well maintained html / css / scss 
- Tune/Update/Optimise our build pipeline (webpack, gulp,...) 
- Follow and improve front-end best practices for writing and deploying code 
- Address cross-browser, cross-platform and performance issues 
- Deliver a beautiful, world-class experience on Prezly newsrooms and within customer backend

Skills needed:

- The smarts to build high quality products, the drive to do it quickly and grit to overcome any challenges 
- Expert in HTML, page rendering, SCSS/CSS
- Extensive knowledge of Javascript 
- Extensive knowledge of modern Javascript libraries and tools (e.g. React, Redux, etc) 
- Detail oriented & UX + design obsessed 
- Strong UX and design sensibilities

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