McLean, VA

Feb 23rd 2019

The API Services team is responsible for engineering and delivering cutting-edge services to aid in content delivery to end customers. These services support 110 news brands, and more than 110 million unique monthly visitors.  

The Senior Developer will play a key role in architecting, developing and maintaining backend APIs and SDKs that support the content delivery systems that are consumed by our customer-facing products. You will be expected to design and deliver large scale, fault tolerant and highly available architectures. Golang, Kubernetes, and Docker are a few of the technologies you will use to deliver these services. 

If you have a passion for rapid API development, automation, learning, challenging and bettering your peers, with a strong desire to operate in a full stack environment, you'd probably fit in well here. 



  • Design and Develop backend APIs in Golang that deliver content to our front-end teams  
  • Execute code reviews, challenge assumptions and mentor others on the team
  • Provide planning for two-week sprints
  • Provide day to day operational support for our applications
  • Improve and establish best practice around our application and infrastructure monitoring
  • Automate everything:
    • Containerizing applications with Docker 
    • Scripting new solutions / APIs / services to reduce toil
    • Research new tools to optimize cost, deployment speed and resource usage
  • Assist in improving our on-boarding structure and documentation

 Responsibility Breakdown: 

  • 50% - API Development 
  • 15% - Application Support 
  • 15% - Planning / Documentation 
  • 10% - Mentoring 
  • 10% - New Technology Evaluation 



  • Linux (CentOS/RHEL/Alpine) 
  • Nginx, HAProxy 
  • Google PubSub 
  • Google Datastore 
  • Elasticsearch


  • Engineering high-performant applications with an emphasis on concurrency 
  • Agile methodology 
  • REST microservices 
  • Experience with golang, ruby, nodejs, python or comparable languages 
  • Testing, Testing, Testing 
  • gRPC and protobuf 
  • GraphQL 


  • Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine, Google Kubernetes Engine 
  • Fastly 
  • Terraform 
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes


Minimum Qualifications: 

  • Experience developing REST APIs, SDKs and CLI toolsets 
  • Self-Starter that can operate in a remote-friendly environment 
  • Experience with Agile (Scrum) and test-driven development, continuous integration and version control (GIT)  
  • Experience deploying to Cloud compute or container hosting 
  • 5+ years experience in Linux System Administration 
  • Experience with Chef or other configuration management tools   


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