React F/E Web Develoer

ZOKRI via Remote OK

Jul 12th 2018

ZOKRI is a new startup, currently just the 3 founders, and we are looking for an amazing React F/E web developer to help us ship the first version of the SPA in the next 2-3 months.The two tech founders have many (many) years of writing software and building companies, but this time need help to make the app as beautiful and usable as possible.Initially we are looking for a remote contractor, but our aim is to build up a globally distributed team of the best out there, so there is possibility of a long term gig if it works for both sides.Contact me for more details, as we can show you our current state and screenshots of what we are going to launch.ZOKRI is helping SaaS companies accelerate their growth - using OKRs, Initiatives and SaaS Metrics. See https://zokri.com for more details.
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