Product and UX Focused .NET Developer

Enliven via Stack Overflow
Design & UX

St. Louis, MO

Jan 10th 2019

Hi. I'm Ian. I am the founder and CEO of Enliven. I am looking for an experienced developer to join our team.

Your job will be to help us develop new web-based products for businesses. A vast majority of our projects are in .NET, however, we are looking for someone who has broad programming experience and sees particular technologies as tools to solve bigger problems.

You will do well if you have a passion for product development and enjoy collaborating deeply with a small team. You will be reporting directly to me and will be expected to make high-level software engineering decisions in collaboration with other developers.

Here's a quick list of things I think you should be true of anyone considering applying to this position:

  • You love programming in the modern .NET stack and can demonstrate your skill and experience
  • You value solving problems for people over allegiances to process/tooling
  • You like working on a variety of projects (we do strategic product consulting for clients)
  • You like working on small teams (we're a growing company of 5)
  • You would love to be involved in UX/tech strategy, planning and estimating

  • Minimum Experience

    • You are an excellent programmer who gets things done and communicates well
    • You have two or more years of on-the-job experience working in the .NET stack and modern HTML / CSS / JavaScript

    Daily Activities (Obviously)

    • Help to understand and document requirements
    • Participate in technical strategy and brainstorming sessions
    • Develop new features and fix bugs
    • Pair and code-review with fellow teammates
    • Continuously reflect on and improve our processes
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