.Net Application Developer

Polaris Aero, LLC via Stack Overflow

Scottsdale, AZ

Aug 27th 2018

Polaris Aero offers multiple safety applications and APIs built on top of a shared set of libraries and services, using both proprietary and open source technology. Your main responsibility will be building new application features, but you'll also be asked to help expand the core platform by improving the patterns and practices that are used throughout the product suite.

We love products that are fast, secure, and stable. We like innovation, and we will encourage you to recommend or try new technologies, libraries, and tools to see if they will improve our products.

This is a remote position, so good communication and time management skills are extremely important. You'll be expected to attend daily calls and to regularly show progress on tasks.

Upcoming technical initiatives:

  • Migration to ASP .Net Core.
  • Migration of UI to Angular/TypeScript.
  • Deeper integration with Azure services.
  • Real-time messaging across sites and services.

Southwest US preferred.

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