Jul 4th 2018

Directly reporting to our Director of IT and in close interaction with our Engineering, Infrastructure, Finance, Sales, and Customer Support teams, you will be responsible for:

  • Automating everything.
  • And more specifically:
    • While not all the things are automated: respond to user account provisioning/deprovisioning, access, issues, and modification requests.
    • Change management, diagnosing, and debugging problems with tooling and systems.
    • Enabling the flow of information between our wide array of IT systems and external services using API's (REST + oAuth).
    • Creating (and/or improving existing) systems, tools & processes that will enhance our overall efficiency as an organization.  

Skills & Requirements

You are a developer that also understands how an OS works, knows networking, can describe the importance of CDNs, DNS, and TLS.   You have experience in systems administration, and know the constraints of a distributed system.


  • Know what Git is, how to work with it, and how it fits in the DevOps world.
  • Be proficient primarily in Python but also have advanced skills in PHP.
  • You do not fear Drupal: Module development and site administration.
  • Relational database skills, not just administration but building apps with them.  MariaDB and MySQL prefered.
  • Fluent in spoken and written English.

Would be really great if you had experience with:

  • Zendesk: Triggers, automations, add-on applications development (sidebar apps), API, ticket sharing, macros, and other business rules, (SLA's, schedules, custom fields).
  • Salesforce: Mainly working with the REST API, but any skills in administration are helpful.
  • JIRA: (Server and Cloud) Workflows, projects, custom fields, screens, and issue types.  Issue security and project permission schemes. REST API and add-on development.
  • Netsuite: Usage and administration.  REST API development and connectivity with external systems.
  • Identity and Access Management (LDAP)
  • Google Apps & Office 365 API development.
  • IaaS solutions like AWS, Azure, Openstack.  As well as API development and billing familiarity with these services.
  • Elasticsearch Kibana, Grafana, Metabase.
  • NodePing, PagerDuty
  • Using Terraform and Puppet... together.
  • Other programming languages like Rust, Golang, and Ruby.
  • Shell scripting in bash or sh.
  • Mad Debian Skills. Sporting a Debian plaid cloth during the interview is not frowned upon.
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