iOS Developer

Sanborn via Stack Overflow

Aug 29th 2018

Job description

The No-Bullshit-iest Way We Can Describe This Job In The Least Amount Of Words In A Run-On Sentence:

We build a lot of different kinds of stuff for a lot of different kinds of folks ( at a shop that is big enough to bite off important, meaningful work and small enough to have fun doing it and we're looking for an engineer who is equally at ease talking with your team about things like performance, analytics, automated builds, creative ideas for how to build things, ways to articulate technical complexity to normal business humans...and mostly … cut some code.

We are:

A 25-person interactive shop based in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Los Angeles looking for mobile developers who like working closely with design to make beautiful, functional apps that people use.

We are designers, developers, producers, and editors -- and those are just our day jobs. We create and manage the full battery of digital media goodness (web, mobile, social, video and live events to be specific) for clients who include sports teams like the LA Kings and the Portland Trail Blazers, fashion brands like DKNY, heavy content driven sites like, magazines like The New Yorker and WIRED and non-profits like The Girl Scouts and the College Board.

We believe passionate, talented people all working together smoothly yields awesome work. Cooperation and communication are the keys to our success, letting us come back and do it again tomorrow WITHOUT pulling 80-hour weeks. . . which is our one, desperately simple goal in life.

Skills & requirements

You Are:

A solid human being with a good sense of humor in search of a job with a shop that is big enough to bite off important, meaningful work and small enough to have fun doing it.

And you should talk to us if:

  • You are a mobile developer through-and-through. You have opinions on platforms (iOS, Apple TV, Android) because you use and develop for them every day
  • You have done some web development because most web traffic comes from mobile devices and you know you need to have done mobile web engineering to better understand the challenges.
  • You want to build products for iOS (definitely), Android (a plus), and whatever smart-wearable-AI-enabled-internet-thing comes your way.
  • You can do native iOS with Swift but don't mind Obj C
  • You're just as comfortable building a custom slick scrolling table UI as a caching API data layer
  • You want your apps to be used by real people every day. You want to see your products in the App Stores.
  • You want your apps to be beautiful and well-thought-out, so you work closely with designers and producers to make that happen.
  • You want to live in Slack, git, and on video chats because you enjoy remote work.
  • You probably like playing and making games. It's not a requirement, but we've got a decent Slack channel for those of us who are into it.
  • You want to grow and stay agile.

To Apply: 

If you are interested, please apply with a resume and introduction. 

Please feel free to skip the formality of a cover letter and write to me as a human being.  If you need to use a four letter word to effectively express a previous engagement or an appropriately inappropriate metaphor to describe your ideal work environment, I'll take that over what you would think I typically “need to hear” in a job application. Be yourself. The truth is the easiest thing to remember and I don't have time to weed through cover-letter-speak to find out who you really are and what you want in life. Just tell me.

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