Healthcare Integrations Specialist

Medical Management Systems via Stack Overflow

London, UK

Jul 12th 2018

We are looking for a motivated individual who has experience of integrating healthcare systems using the various messaging formats out there. The following requirements are relatively flexible if you have significant integrations experience in other fields:

Very comfortable with structured data formats including:

* HL7

DICOM familiarity:

* DICOM Modality Worklist (Query / Retrieve)
* DICOM Archive / Storage Servers

HL7 Standards and integrations
TCP communication / Networking familiarity (including HTTP/HTTPS protocols)
Basic understanding of javascript and C# programming
Background working with both SOAP and REST APIs
Javascript or other scripting experience highly desirable

Ever worked with Mirth Connect or Cloverleaf (cross platform HL7 interface and routing engines)

We develop a very comprehensive healthcare web-application that runs all aspects of a medical practice (from GP practices up to large hospitals groups). Our application includes:

Patient medical record system
Comprehensive consultation suite
Document management
Social network
Task management
Referral management
Reporting and query system for analytics
Clinical text analysis using NLP
Collaboration system
Practice networking
Patient portal
Occupational health portal
PACS system (MRI/X-ray/Ultrasound)
And much more...

We have a very relaxed working environment that is more akin to a start-up than a company that's been running for 12 years. We have a team of 10 developers who are very capable and committed . There are no office politics or any of that nonsense, it's a very collaborative environment. We try to keep quite a flat structure where we expect developers to take responsibility for dealing with everything in their purview (with the CTO there as adviser if needed). This has allowed us to keep the team small and efficient.

We need creatively minded individuals who can solve unique problems; not just with code and integration problems, but in improving healthcare too. Healthcare professionals are often not very tech-savvy, and are therefore either scared or incapable of communicating with tech-people. So I need individuals that can hear a real world problem and think creatively and with empathy for the end user.

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