Full Stack Ruby On Rails Developer - Growing SaaS Company

Helpjuice via Remote OK

Jul 10th 2018

Helpjuice is a SaaS product with large Enterprise customers such as Hertz, US Government, Nginx and others. We help many companies with their help center / knowledge base via our product: Helpjuice.comWe're a smaller, yet growing software company, where everyone wears multiple hats. It's a team of excellent people, who are all willing to help each other, because it's the way we work / our culture.We're currently seeking a Senior Rails developer, with great English, and even better Rails skills. You should be really good with English -- almost excellent! :-)Here's what we're looking for:- Great English. Seriously, don't waste your time if your English isn't good enough to write/read/talk with it daily, with all of our team.- Really good in Rails (backend) + Javascript (Frontend). Rails alone won't get you much, and you know that -- thats why you need JS to build high performance fast web apps in 2018..- Cool person. We'll be working a lot together, we want you to enjoy it, just like we do!Here's what we offer:- Well paid salary. We don't monkey around, we pay well if we think you're great.- Smart team. Expect to learn...a LOT. Not just in development, but in other areas aswell, as you'll be working w/ other team mates (support, sales, product management)- Interesting product to work on. Imagine a product that thousands of businesses rely on, and that's entirely bootstrapped -- Yes, you'll for sure learn a lot, and have fun...and be a bit stressed at times :-)- Flexible hours/management. I'm the CEO - and I'm writing this job post. I'm very hands off with my team, because we have a great team -- everyone is great, which is why I can just rely on them to do their job and NOT micromanage. TLDR; It's a fun work environment :-)How To Apply?Fill out ALL the questions in our application form -- if you don't want to share code samples, we totally get it, but we believe no good developer has 0 public repos on their Github (you may argue with us, but this is our policy).
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