Frontend Engineer

OmniSci, Inc via Stack Overflow

San Francisco, CA

Nov 11th 2018

OmniSci is seeking an experienced software developer to add to its fast-growing Front End engineering team. This team works on delivering features and fixes at a rapid pace into an enterprise environment. We are seeking someone with a deep understanding of Javascript and prefer previous experience using React/Redux.

We're big fans of hiring people who are not just great at what they do but also how they do it. Critical to our culture is building and maintaining a team that works well together and knows how to communicate effectively - not just within their own team, but also across peripheral teams.  

We don't believe in divas or rock stars. We are looking for someone who embodies the best parts of open-source culture: Humility, open-mindedness, positivity, and respect for others. A developer who doesn't try to single-handedly save the day but embraces input and collaboration as a means to find the best solution.

Your success in this role will be predicated on your ability to prioritize your work, be self-motivated and a self-starter, to speak up early and often, and to work well with others. You should be passionate about building great software, and about building a product that is slated to revolutionize the world of data analytics across multiple industries. We're great at encouraging our people to learn different technologies, continue their professional growth, and try out new ways of doing things. We're in it for the long-haul, and you should be too.

Our office is located in downtown San Francisco, and this position will report to the Director of Development. While our preference is to hire local employees, we will also consider exceptional candidates for remote work.


  • Build out features for Immerse, OmniSci's award-winning data visualization platform.
  • Conscientious development: Write unit and end-to-end tests, along with thorough documentation and code commentary.
  • Competent estimation: Allocate/estimate time required to not only complete a feature, but also build in quality, unit test, regression test, and document the feature with cross-functional team.
  • Bolster your team: Provide peer review, write performant and reusable code, follow and help define code style.
  • Support peripheral teams: Product, QA, and Technical Writers are helping to make our product as robust as possible. When appropriate, developers should flesh out User Stories with any whiteboard images, mockups, short description docs, acceptance criteria, and other artifacts they have to help the entire team to understand the features under development.


  • 5 years minimum of overall professional work experience as a developer (2+ years React/Redux production experience, or a combination of either of these with several years of Javascript or equivalent framework)
  • Working knowledge of SQL
  • Previous experience working with typical Agile development workflows and working in sprints
  • Willingness to work on existing codebase without insisting on reinventing the wheel
  • Willingness and ability to prioritize working on current code and staying focused with the task(s) on hand for the purpose of meeting deadlines and project deliverables
  • Previous experience and comfort level collaborating and communicating in real-time using asynchronous tools (Slack, Github, etc.)
  • Proven previous experience solving complex challenges of architecture, user interactions, and data flow and management in a large, data-driven enterprise application with several cross-cutting concerns
  • Proven experience communicating with diplomacy and respect. Ego and attitude should be checked at the door
  • Ability to collaborate with empathy and positive intent


  • Examples of coding projects on Github or other publicly available repositories
  • Experience with D3 or other visual analytics frameworks
  • Experience with geospatial visualizations (Mapbox, Mapboxgl, Leaflet, PostGIS, D3 geo)
  • Experience shipping and supporting enterprise code
  • Involvement in open source projects and/or passion projects
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