Experienced Full Stack Ruby Engineer

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Traverse City, MI

Dec 26th 2018

We love Ruby. We use frameworks (Rails, Ember, React) and language extensions (Sass, Haml, CoffeeScript), but we think they belong on the outside of architecture and you shouldn't have to program in 5 languages to deliver a feature. (We do that usingĀ voom-presenters, a pure ruby view layer.) You will work as a trusted peer on a small team to implement new features. You will take turns leading feature releases coordinating a small team of your peers. Although we prefer the productivity and elegance of Ruby, we have code across the whole stack. We all are able to work on each layer in the stack, and we all fix bugs between feature releases. We all help each other. We use agile methods (yes really use them, not just use the tools and call it agile).

We are looking for a talented software engineer committed to his or her craft to become a key member of our small growing team.

You can work with us in our beautiful small city (Traverse City MI), or remotely. Remote employees must have a four or more hour overlap in work hours with the Eastern Time zone (EST/UTC-5), and must attend the daily stand-ups and weekly development meetings.


  • Love and (continual) mastery of Ruby
  • Excellent coding and design skills
  • Experience delivering sophisticated web applications
  • Strong problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Clear communication skills


Our pay is competitive and based on your experience. We fund attendance and participation in tech conferences and support and/or contributions to open source projects that we use or create. Relocation assistance is available.

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