Hakka Labs

May 30th 2018

Hakka Labs is looking for a Director of Marketing to be responsible for all marketing efforts across the Hakka Labs network internationally. Our flagship event is [DataEngConf](http://dataengconf.com), a deeply technical 2-day, multi-track conference at the intersection of data engineering, data science and AI.**The Role**The Director of Marketing will report to our founder, and will work to develop our marketing strategy and continue to grow out our marketing team. You will be responsible for all branding, design, campaign development and execution, and community building aspects of our business. You'll work with our team to craft our brand message and tell the unique story behind our events and our community.We currently use email marketing, technical content (including blog posts, video & podcasts), social media, online community distribution (Hacker News, Reddit, Meetup, etc.) and on- and off-line partnerships to attract users to our events and grow our community. You will recommend adjustments to our current formula, test your own distribution hypotheses and experiments, and invest in the winners for maximum growth. You will design the systems and processes our team will implement to scale marketing, while building out more comprehensive analytics capabilities that drive a deeper understanding of our unit economics.It's an exciting time of growth for our business - we're now launching events internationally and you'll be an important part of our global expansion. Our main challenges are growing our core US events (annually in SF and NYC) while expanding to our next key markets of Europe (Barcelona, summer 2018) and Asia (2019).**Our Team & Approach**Our team is fully distributed and embraces the remote work lifestyle. You'll have the freedom to work from your desired location while attending our conferences and building out our community worldwide.We also strongly advocate the customer development model of the lean startup approach - our team is constantly exploring and testing ways to bring more value to our users. Our marketing and community building efforts are driven by a close connection to our customers. We use systems and design thinking to come up with new ways to solve challenging problems globally, not simply use the tired, old playbook of basic event marketing techniques.**Why Work with Us**We're a scrappy-but-global-startup (operating a growing cash flow positive business!) that hails from the 500 Startups school of 'distribution hacking.' We're building a global community of highly demanded, deeply technical data professionals and academics.Our network is our prime asset, and our community is made up of data engineers and scientists from every major tech company, as well as many influential startups backed by YC, TechStars 500 Startups and top VCs. DataEngConf sponsors include Facebook, Netflix, LinkedIn, Lyft, Spotify, Microsoft, Cloudera, Heroku, IBM, The New York Times and other great companies.Data technologies are rapidly changing the world, and our community is at the epicenter of the hottest technical advancements and research in machine learning, computer vision, artificial intelligence, neural networks and deep learning. These technologies are literally transforming industries while simultaneously creating new opportunities and defining our future.**Requirements**- 5+ years experience building full-stack marketing organizations- Previous marketing experience with a product targeted at software engineers- Sharp storytelling & copywriting skills- Demonstrable technical content marketing experience- Previous startup experience is required- Event marketing experience helpful, but not required- Previous experience with Hubspot helpful, but not required- A demonstrated passion for technology- Familiarity with strategies for building technical communities
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