System Administration

San Francisco, CA

Feb 18th 2019

When someone installs Density in a location, they get access to real time, accurate people count. Our API is the foundational component that customers rely on when integrating and interacting with our data. Making people-count data highly available, in a real-time setting, means all underlying systems must be continuously operational and ready to scale at a moment's notice.

We're looking for an engineer to take the helm of our infrastructure and grow it to handle the needs of our product. This means playing a large role in both the hardware and software teams, crafting the deployment, orchestration, and management systems to power Density.

While Density is a remote-friendly company, we have offices in San Francisco, New York City, and Syracuse, NY.

This position reports to Density's Head of Product.

Skills & Requirements

Here's what we're looking for:

  • Strong writing skills; ability to craft clear and concise documentation
  • Strong background in Linux/Unix Administration
  • Experience with automation and configuration management using Ansible, Chef, Puppet or an equivalent
  • Experience with deployment orchestration using Nomad, Consul, and Docker
  • Knowledge of the AWS stack
  • Ability to design and manage CI / CD pipelines (CircleCi)
  • Strong grasp of modern Python development
  • Experience with management of networking and VPNs
  • Experience managing software change control and software review systems such as Gerrit
  • Experience managing software releases across multiple git repositories
  • Experience with relational, non-relational, and timeseries data stores

Icing on the cake:

  • An academic background in Computer Science (BSc or MSc) or equivalent
  • Experience building APIs and web applications (Django, Flask, Rails, etc)
  • Familiar with software build systems such as CMake, Autotools, and Make
  • Familiar with repo aggregators such as Android's git-repo
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