Develop Software to Make Cities Better (Full Stack Developer)

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Somerville, NJ

Jul 10th 2018

PayLock provides various parking management services to municipalities and universities with its booting and digital parking permit platforms. We're growing steadily and to meet new demands, we're developing new products that busy city staffers (and our own business) do and will rely on to make their cities better for their citizens. Candidates must have a passion for getting things done and be highly motivated. Candidates must thrive in an entrepreneurial environment and be eager to learn and contribute to the team setting. Ideally, we are seeking a Central-NJ based candidate.

This position is for a full-time, Software Engineer, who will work semi-autonomously and as a part of a small, but growing, team to design, implement, test, deploy, and maintain web-based, back-office software which runs our business, as well as significant portions of our customers' as well as on-the-street (usually literally) mobile software.

Our biggest challenges are, by design, behind the scenes, and experienced by our clients (the cities) and our own mobile workforce. We're not so much worried about achieving "web scale" as we are about making people's jobs and lives easier. And if we can add at least dash of whimsy in there, too, all the better!

PayLock helps cities with those "necessary evil" parts of city governance. We try to make those things less evil, both for the people doing them and the people having them done to them.

Skills & Requirements

Candidates must have: great communication abilities (after all, we're a service company, and you'll inevitably be talking to customers), great problem solving skills, an insatiable curiosity and ability to learn, and an innate commitment to getting things done—or, more precisely, an innate need to not let things go undone. And a sense of humor doesn't hurt, either.

For starters, you'll need a solid foundation in Object-Oriented Design. Developers on our team also work on and develop database schemas, so you should have experience (and proficiency) with that as well. Since most of what we're doing is web-based, you've gotta know some HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and knowing how the Internet works work can't hurt you. If you understand that much, you probably know a lot about many other things and are constantly adding to your repertoire. In fact, you might not even be able to stop yourself. That's a characteristic we really, really dig: fast, eager, creative learners.

The kinds of things you might find yourself working on are:

  • Building and/or extending a RESTful web api for an AngularJS web application
  • Designing and building business management tools (to help our business and our clients')--things like dashboards, alerts, and other "knowledge radiators"
  • Building and/or rebuilding a data movement pipeline (we do lots of data integrations with our clients and other 3rd parties)
  • Mobile apps for our in-the-field and on-the-road workforce
  • Tools for us, the developers, to make our own lives easier

  • It's also important that you can keep two visions alive: the near-term and the long-term. We find ourselves juggling the needs of the business (often the near-term voice) and the needs of ourselves and the systems and applications we own on the business' behalf. You have to be strong enough to deliver on the near-term objectives while putting in that extra 10% to 20% of effort to accomplish our long-term (i.e. 3-year) objectives. You have to be ok with taking the hard road sometimes, and trust that it'll be worth it (we think it is).

    Repeat after me: Refactoring is my friend. I will leave everything I work on better than I found it.

    As a growing company, there are plenty of opportunities to pitch in, learn, and develop professionally, and help us reach new levels of greatness, and we're looking for folks who like the sound of that. Drop us a line if you're that person.

    # years experience required: years of experience!


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