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Customer Growth Manager

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Customer Support

Nov 2nd 2018

Headquarters: Oakland

Recognize is seeking to add another awesome person to our small team that is passionate for psychology, human resources, and company culture. You will be the liaison between our customers and the Recognize team as an account manager / customer success / customer growth role.
Our values
No idea is a bad idea. All ideas should be open to expression. Embrace breaks, exercise, travel, brainstorming, and non-linear thinking to come up with new ideas
Triple check
Ruthless detail is a phase we use a lot. Because we move fast it can be easy to break stuff. That's why we triple check the work we do, while still being aware of the cost/benefit to delivering quickly.
Transparency, open mindedness
Admit when you are wrong. Seek new information from others and from resources until you know you are making the best decision.
Looks for ways to automate common processes.
Critical feedback
Embrace hearing that you didn't do something correctly, well, or thorough. Be brave telling your boss when he or she doesn't do something correctly, well, or thorough. Expect people to listen respectfully to your and others feedback.
Wing it
Do you immediately ask for help or do you try to learn to do something on your own first? Do you admit you don't know all the answers and are willing to find them through grit and determination? Do you enjoy learning? 
The role's tasks
  • Serve as the main point of contact and liaison between customers and the Recognize team.
  • Onboarding new customers or companies on trials via weekly meetings with screenshares.
  • Help customers and potential customers on trials with questions or problems through Zendesk.
  • Create tickets in Github when customers report bugs and you have verified they are in fact correct.
  • Introduce yourself to old and new customers.
  • Be pro-active using to make sure you are following up with customers.
  • Creating email drips in that auto follow up with customers or trials.
  • Create content such as help articles with accompanying videos or animated gifs in Adobe Premier or your tool of choice to explain how to do things in Recognize, like create an employee recognition or how to setup an anniversary program.
  • Create and/or run a customer advisory board where customers of Recognize meet in a webinar you host on a bi-annual basis.
  • Write and send out newsletters with the product team on Mailchimp, or write in the blog. 
  • Interview customers on a quarterly basis to write a case study.
  • Answer support calls (the phone rings rarely, and we all take turns picking up the phone).
  • You must be authorized to work in the USA. Also, we will conduct a background check as you will need to be authorized to access our customer's data.
  • Feel comfortable with terms like SSO for single sign on or CMS for customer management systems.
  • Talk at the same level as a senior HR professionals in enterprise companies with thousands of employees about employee recognition, employee rewards, and engagement strategies.
  • Knowledge of types of employee recognition and rewards strategies.
  • Experience working with medium to large enterprise businesses.
  • Excellent writing skills.
  • Detailed oriented. Keeps errors in emails and communications to an absolute minimum. Tests links in emails and triple checks everything they do.
How to do well and prosper at Recognize
How we work
Eastern or central time zone is required as we have customers in Europe who need to talk early unless you can simply get up early for some calls and be on PST. But we also have Australian customers who want to talk at 8pm EST. We technically do call from 7am to 6:30pm PST. This time range isn't required for you if you can't be flexible. 
Compensation + Benefits
Recognize encourages people of all races, backgrounds, religious beliefs, genders, sexual preference, dietary habits, musical tastes, and political beliefs to apply.

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