Creative Learning Specialist

innov8 via Working Nomads

Sep 7th 2018

We love to surprise our clients – with training and communications materials that are clever, creative, clear and concise.  We need people who think the same way and are looking for an opportunity to develop unforgettable learning experiences that are grounded in solid engagement principles.

Some interesting things about working at innov8

  • We have the best of both worlds – being a small company yet working with some of the largest global corporations
  • Remote working and flexibility are both part of our business model – our team deliver every time and don't need to be micromanaged
  • Technology is key to what we do – from virtual meetings to creating videos in PowerPoint (yes, you can), we love technology and exploring what's possible

We are looking for a very special type of person at innov8

  • You are creative and organised
  • You love the big picture and the detail
  • You are inspired by people as well as technology
  • You may have a background in training, design, learning and development, technology, communications or marketing – or another industry that we haven't thought of, but one that means you are the perfect fit.

    What you will be working on

    The projects at innov8 vary, but everyone in our team is versatile and can work in a variety of roles, including:

      • Developing support materials (written and video) that are easy to understand, consistent and engaging
      • Creating custom templates that are visually exciting but still within customer brand guidelines
      • Designing SharePoint pages that are intuitive and easy to navigate
      • Liaising with your team, other experts and client contacts to ensure we deliver what is needed
      • Delivering onsite workshops, training sessions and floorwalking support
      • Conducting virtual training for people across different countries, cultures and timezones
      • Developing the training and communications approach and plan for projects
      • Scheduling training sessions and managing training records
      • Keep organised with centralised online storage solutions

    In all our innov8 consultants we look for:

    • An understanding of how people process and engage with information – be it in the context of communications, training or internal marketing
    • Great organisation and communications skills – you can manage teams and projects with ease
    • Self-management skills – you take ownership of your work and deliver when you say you will
    • Ability to multi-task – there's never a dull moment when you are juggling multiple projects, clients and suppliers  Experience in working across different levels within an organisation – whether it's the CEO or the Receptionist, you can flex across the board
    • Aptitude for technology – O365 is breeze for you and you pick up new systems easily
    • Capable of working independently or as part of a team – you're at home either way
    • Attention to detail – no grammar error or misaligned graphics get past you
    • Visually astute – you may not be an award-winning designer, but you understand the importance of graphic elements when communicating and you have the ability to think visually
    • Constant drive to exceed expectations –  go above and beyond the client's brief, think past the obvious and always deliver within the allocated time, budget and resources
    • At least 3 years' experience working in a project-based / consulting environment
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