Creative Coder for New Robotics & Fashion Project (JavaScript)

Kram/Weisshaar via Stack Overflow

Stockholm, Sweden

Oct 12th 2018

As a coder at Kram/Weisshaar you develop cutting-edge technologies that reimagine how people experience and interact with their environment and one another. Our current fields of operation include Robotics, Fashion, Furniture, Bionics, and Augmented Reality. We're inspired by and integrate concepts from nearly every area of computer science, including artificial intelligence, robotics, gaming, mobile and high performance graphics. As a key member of a small, diverse and versatile team, you investigate, design, prototype, test, and deploy software solutions. You will work as a part of our interdisciplinary team and can switch projects as our work evolves and expands.

About the projects

Kram/Weisshaar work with designs in English, applying agile principles: adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, and continuous improvement. We encourage rapid and flexible response to change.

At Kram/Weisshaar we compress otherwise separate phases into a single action: Concept / Design / Rapid-Prototyping / Testing / and Communication are all iteratively done in parallel. We start from initial technical and design briefs, move quickly to create rapid prototypes and test continuously. We use task and bug tracking.

Skills & Requirements

Minimum qualifications:

- Programming experience in one or more of the following languages: Javascript

- Experience with user interface programming and rapid prototyping

Preferred qualifications:

- Experience with 3d graphics

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