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Sep 12th 2018

# Contracting to Full-TimeThe cool part about this job is you can work when you want and where you want. As long as you meet the deadlines, and the quality of your work is good - we don't care. Work from 10 PM to midnight, or work during the day - it doesn't matter to us.This job is very flexible and fun. For the right person, it's a great way to make a nice chunk of change on the side.Other similar writers working for us earn in the range of $600-2,500 per month. It all depends on how much work you want to take. Writers who excel and stand out are often offered higher paying full-time positions with F+W. Show us what you can do.# Required skill set and experience:### If you do not fit these Hard Requirements this job is probably not for you. You're busy, we're busy. Lets not waste time.* **You must be a native English speaker and writer. If you live somewhere other than the US we will just click the spam button on your application.** Attention to detail is everything at F+W.* You must use this quote exactly as its written here (without quotes) "Go F+W" in the subject line or we will click the spam button on your application.* You must be able to write sales pages, landing pages and opt-in pages. (If you don't know what those are... this job probably isn't for you.)* You must be savvy enough to quickly research and write on any topic.* You should be somewhat familiar with internet marketing techniques - this a large portion of our client base.* You should be familiar with social media and how to post on all types of social media.* You must have a natural intuition on how to "sell with words" AKA be a little bit of a natural salesperson.* You must tell us in your email if you like M&M's. We will spam button any emails missing this.* You must be responsive, prompt and never miss deadlines.* You must have excellent grammar.* You must be able to work under tight deadlines and pressure.* You need to be an out of the box thinker. Someone that doesn't just write boring articles and regurgitate the same old information and ways of writing... but can actually put some personality into their writing. Someone that can look at a website and say, "this layout is completely wrong, you need it to look like this, and say this!!", or "This is terrible... you need to split this paragraph into two sections, give each a catchy headline and maybe even add some bullet points to clearly show what you offer."* You need to be honest. NO Plagiarism. Clients use our content for SEO, and any duplicate copy gets dinged by Google. Plus, it's lame to say you wrote something when you didn't. (And I shouldn't even have to say that...)## Bonus Points for:* Ability to write on more technical and corporate topics. Areas like finance, business, technology, medical, etc... We're landing more corporate clients, and this is a big need for us!* Familiarity with the StoryBrand Framework.* A desire to work in Digital Marketing outside just the content creation side of things.* Experience using Monday, Smartsheets, or Asana# Things you will write* Sales Pages* Landing Pages* Opt-in Pages* Amazon Product Descriptions* Facebook ads* Website content* Brochures* Flyers* Technical Reports* Emails* Taglines and Slogans* Social media posts* Blog posts* Articles* Reports* Product Packaging* Basically... if a business needs words for anything... we write it.
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