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Business analyst (development team)

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Jul 31st 2018

Headquarters: New York

We created Sticker Mule to be the best place to work and shop. That means making ordering fast, simple and fun while creating a stable, low stress and enjoyable place for talented people to work.
We're searching for more to join us as we look to build one of the Internet's best technical teams. Some of our current projects include migrating to a service architecture, inter-service communication with GCloud PubSub and GRPC, API Gateway based GraphQL, event sourcing persistence and CQRS, and manufacturing and artwork processing automation.
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Why we enjoy working here
1. We work flexible hours with an asynchronous culture.
2. We work at a sustainable pace without unreasonable external deadlines.
3. Varied, interesting technical challenges to work on.
4. Opportunities to make a large impact as part of a small, highly motivated team.
Our tech stack
1. Backend: Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, Go
2. DB: Aurora/Mysql, Postgres, Redis
3. Frontend:  React, Redux, Webpack
4. APIS: GraphQL, GRPC, GCloud PubSub
5. AWS, migrating to Gcloud
6. Docker, Kubernetes
Job description
The Business Analyst writes, prioritizes and assigns bug reports and feature requests in a manner that optimizes developer productivity & happiness.
Work performed
1. Assists staff with creating clear, concise & comprehensive specs that follow our standards.  
2. Ensures tasks are prioritized based on impact, complexity & business needs.
3. Deflects bugs by helping users find work arounds & evaluating importance of bug fixes.
4. Deletes unnecessary or out of date tasks to keep queues clean.
5. Serves are a resource for users that don't have the time or ability to write effective specs.
6. Creates wireframe mockups when helpful & a mockup library for significant screens.
7. Talks to customers when necessary to better understand bug reports.
8. Assists with creating & maintaining software documentation.  
9. Performs other tasks as requested by management.
1. $90,000-$115,000+ depending on experience
2. Signing bonus
3. 28 days vacation
1. Exceptional written & verbal communication
2. Interest in manufacturing
3. Familiarity with SQL
4. Background in software is beneficial

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